What you'll do:

Wear a mask

According to OSHA regulations, I must have all clients cover their nose and mouth the entire session. A loosely-draped pillowcase over the face cradle will allow you to safely remove your mask while receiving massage face-down, then you only have to pop it back on for the face-up portion.

Do a symptom check

I'll give you a short form to verify that you have not experienced listed symptoms, and a no-touch temperature check to ensure you don't have a fever.

Sanitize hands

This way, whatever may be on your hands doesn't get spread anywhere else during your session.

Cancel if sick

If you are sick or even just have a few questionable symptoms, text/email me to cancel. I will happily reschedule you for another time.

What I'll do:

Wear a mask

I will wear a mask for all interactions and during the entire session.

Sanitize all surfaces

Between every client, I will sanitize all surfaces with CDC-approved products. Of course, I will also continue my rigorous up-to-the-elbow hand-washing routine.

Minimize soft surfaces

The fluffy fleece table cover will be stored for safer times, the armchair swapped for a wooden chair, and all sheets and towels closed away in drawers.

Cancel if sick

This goes for me too, of course. If I am ill, I will protect you by rescheduling your session.