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What you'll do:

Mask? Optional

With the most recent recommendations by the CDC, wearing a mask is no longer required. You may choose whether you will wear one during your session or not. I will continue to wear a mask for all client sessions in order to protect my immunosuppressed clients or those close to clients who may be more vulnerable.

Sanitize hands

This way, whatever may be on your hands doesn't get spread anywhere else during your session.

Cancel if sick

If you are sick or even just have a few questionable symptoms, text/email me to cancel. I will happily reschedule you for another time. Even a last-minute cancelation or reschedule is no problem.

What I'll do:

Wear a mask

I will wear a mask for all interactions and during the entire session.

Sanitize all surfaces

Between every client, I will sanitize all surfaces with CDC-approved products. Of course, I will also continue my rigorous up-to-the-elbow hand-washing routine.

Purify Air

My HEPA air filter is running all day long to keep air as clear as possible in my space.

Cancel if sick

This goes for me too, of course. If I am ill, I will protect you by rescheduling your session.


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