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Located inside Black Tulip Salon & Spa

12330 James St Suite B60

Holland, MI 49424

Muscle & Lymph Massage Therapy

is welcoming and affirming to all people, regardless of race, gender identity, religion, or sexuality. 

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December Special

In order to celebrate this lovely season of the year, I am offering a special geared toward spreading the wellness around.

When you refer someone to me, and they have their first appointment, then you get to choose a gift! You can either choose to get $20 off your next appointment OR $10 in West Coast Cash. West Coast Cash is an awesome program by West Coast Chamber of Commerce that essentially creates gift cards that can be used at over 90 local businesses in the Holland/Zeeland area. You can see the entire list of participating businesses here. (I myself participate in this program too, but if you are wishing to use your gift on my services, you are much better off taking the $20 off deal!) The great thing about this program is that it creates an easy gift card that people can use to shop local and pour into our own West Michigan small businesses.

Here's the cool insider trick that makes this perfect for the holidays.

If you buy a gift card (not for yourself) from my site, then I will already know you are recommending me to someone and I will automatically give you your gift, even before the gift recipient books their session. I'll get in touch with you and let you choose (and even use) your gift right away!


Can I recommend someone who has already seen you?

Unfortunately not! It helps me buckets when you spread word of mouth about my business to new people, hence the reward for bringing in brand new folks!

Why do I have to wait until after their first appointment?

If you didn't wait until then, there would really be no way to be sure they were coming at all. But if/when they do come by, even just for a spot session, I will happily give you your gift!

How do I receive/use West Coast Cash?

You will receive it electronically through your email. There will be a certificate with a QR code and an alphanumeric code. You can print it if you like, but as long as you have those two codes available, showing it electronically will work fine too. All West Coast Cash is single-use, so you can either use it all at once, or get some cash back/store credit (depending on the place) for whatever remains.

How do I receive/use $20 off my next session with you?

This one's easy. I will track it for you and automatically deduct it from the cost of your session.

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