My appointments are simply based on time and will be a blend of whatever therapies would be most beneficial for you.

30 min - $45

60 min - $80

90 min - $120

120 min - $150

The nice thing about this system is I can mix modalities according to your needs.


If you need massage for your back pain and also have a scar that needs attention, or you need lymph drainage but also have tight shoulders, I can blend these into one session.



It can be hard to know what length of time is right for you, so here are some general guidelines to help you:

Scar Release

  • Scar release work only (no matter the size or severity of the scar) - 30 min



  • One area with moderate tension (e.g. neck/shoulders, legs, wrists/forearms) - 30 min

  • Half-body (upper or lower) with moderate to extreme tension - 60 min

  • Full body with moderate overall tension - 60 min

  • Full body with significant overall tension - 90 min

  • Full body with areas of extreme tension - 120 min

Lymph Drainage

  • One area of moderate severity - 30 min

  • Whole body for occasional conditions (bloating, constipation) - 30 min

  • One area of extreme severity - 60 min

  • Whole body for chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, auto-immune conditions) - 60 min