I am trained in McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release, which is a gentle yet effective therapy for bringing blood-flow, elasticity, lymphatic movement, and even normalized sensation back to an area with scar tissue.


Scar tissue tends to form in a much larger area than is usually visible on the surface. As a necessary part of the healing process, the fibrous tissue stabilizes an area so it can knit back together well. However, this can become dysfunctional when the fibrous tissue, now webbed far beyond the borders of the initial injury, has difficulty stretching with the normal tissue next to it. This can lead to painful pulling, limited mobility, and constant pain and irritation. Scars on the stomach have even be known to cause terrible back pain because of the way the scar pulls internally. 

MSTR is a therapy that gently softens scar tissue, so that the area can become more elastic and normalized. Generally, just a few sessions will yield noticeable (and lasting) results. Some clients find that feeling returns to an area that has been numb for years, others are able to move more freely, others find their scar softer and less prone to inflammation.

Will this make a scar less visible?

This therapy isn't focused on minimizing the appearance of a scar, though that may happen in the course of treatment. I recommend trying this treatment for functional reasons, as there are other therapies that are geared more specifically at treating the appearance of scar tissue.


What type of scars will this work for?

This therapy has been proven effective in scars that are large, small, old, new, external, internal, surgical, or accident-related. This treatment is only not appropriate for areas that have had surgical mesh installed.


If you aren't sure, just one session will give you a good idea about whether scar release will help you. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Scar Release Session: $45, sessions last 30 min